Our business is to help you find and buy a better and more efficient Steel Sheet Piles system
Construction of docks and ports
Construction of docks and ports
Protection of rivers banks and channels
Protection of construction pits in soil and water
Bridge embankments
Bridge embankments
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Introducing our company


What ESP sets apart?

We have the technical knowledge and manufacturing experience to provide you with quality products and timely job site deliveries to accommodate your construction schedules. One of our competitive advantages is our ability to produce piling to the exact length of your specification.


  • You can customize your order
  • You can place smaller orders easier
  • You can count on competitive price

Who are we?

“ESP (Europe Sheet Piles S.A.)” is a  European leader in manufacturing Cold Formed Sheet Piles with production facilities in Northern Italy .

We have now an installed capacity of 80.000 tons per year.  

Since its beginnings in 2007, ESP has been growing fast  and is now appreciated as ONE STOP  supplier of steel sheet piles solutions by many companies around the world.

Our organization is formed by a committed and dedicated sales team and engineering professionals able to provide custom made services and supports throughout  your project.

As a  ONE STOP  supplier of steel sheet piles to the construction industry, we ensure solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to your project.


Advantages of cold formed sheet piles

  •  Cold formed costs less. Because the selling approximately of economically cient $200 $400 e to dollars ton less process, cold formed has been than hot for a rolled.
  • Cold formed created many innovations the thickness sections. in pile industry such wider, as deeper, multiple
  • Cold Formed ers whereby most hot rolled mills er In o greater flexibility and additional savings selecting o only increments In many projects this flexibility in or cannot many projects this flexibility can produce 25% savings exact lengths; not roll less can produce 25% savings material. 5’ than lengths 20’ in in material.
  • Cold formed interlocks allow the sheet piles be instead the This can eliminate the need expensive to rotated to of 7 to degree rotation allowed for up 25 degrees with the ball and extruded pile connectors round 10 socket interlock.

We ensure solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to your project.

If you want to contact us about any issue please call +41 76 568 79 32or send us an e-mail. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration simply submit a quote.

Europe Sheet Piles S.A.
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Via Cantonale 6928 MANNO SWITZERLAND
Mon-Fri, 9am until 6pm
We reply within 24 hours